Pup of Monster Cabinet: $1,800

Pup of Monster Cabinet

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Dimensions: 22” W x 24 ¾” D x 24” H
To Order:  Purchase via Etsy or call 202.679.0066
Cost: $1800
Delivery:  Immediate,  free within 50 miles of Washington, DC

There may be more monsters, but this Pup is an original.

Apparently, before retiring to his new home in the Blue Ridge, the Dog of Monster Cabinet sired this handsome lad. While the identity of the mother remains a mystery, it is readily evident that she was part-Dalmatian, part-Cujo. Pup of Monster Cabinet is a fearsome yet oddly cute piece that can’t wait to sit patiently next to your favorite chair, one ear supporting your drink. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “ankle-biter”.

Mostly housebroken, guaranteed to stay off the couch.

Pup’s Pedigree

The third in the Monster Cabinet series, Pup of Monster Cabinet is a truly functional work of art. Not only does the mouth open to reveal cabinet space, but also the side opens to reveal more cabinet space.  Just look out for Pup’s “plumbing.”  The eyes are drawer pulls that reveal a spacious drawer.  The ears are actual drop-leaves that lock into place for additional table-top space.